Equally inspired by Dee Morris' course at the University of Iowa, "What Else Can Poetry Do?" John Cayley's Advanced Electronic Writing workshop at Brown University and Emily Dickinson's editing style, in which she leaves open the options of word choice, "Twenty-One Permutations" is about the ever flinching nature of language. A previous project of similar style, "The Screaming Trees," was published online by Conjunctions in 2011.

The project relies on html coding, specifically "onmouseover" and "onmouseout" commands within the "font" tag. The ability to use three separate words often creates a "flinch," a flash of words and spacing. This is intentional where applicable.


Task: An imperative.

Memory: Accurate or inaccurate regurgitation of an event within the mind.

Permutation: A mathematical term meaning the rearranging (or permuting) of numbers, members of a set into a sequence. Similarly, anagrams are the rearrangement of words. Here, the term is used as a rearrangment of memory, event, experience and desire to form a new outcome of misremembered things. For further work on permutation, a few links to my blog:

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